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Singular and multifaceted, the first cru to be recognized in the Languedoc in 1999, La Livinière is an appellation of powerful and elegant red wines. Its situated in the heart of the Minervois, between Toulouse and Montpellier.

Probably more than any other of life’s luxuries, appreciating wine is, by its very nature, essentially a matter of personal taste. In our area of the Minervois you will have almost unlimited opportunity to put those tastes to the test - through the cellars of the region’s numerous Chateaux, Domaines and Co-operatives.

Whether your preference is for robust rouges, resplendent roses or beautifully-balanced blancs, local proprietors will be delighted to elucidate on their winemaking skills and offer ‘degustations’ of wonderful wines for the delight and scrutiny of your taste-buds.

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Minervois’, of course, has ‘AOC’ status: producing excellent wines from grapes which, when carefully tended and skilfully blended deliver a rich and rewarding ‘message in a bottle’. Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre are the essential vines, and these may be blended with certain other varieties whilst adhering to very strict guidelines. Indeed, some precisely-defined areas in the region produce so many wines of an excellent standard that they have earned sub-AOC status in their own right. 

Totally subjective and not exhaustive  ... a few "coup de coeur" just near the Villa, don't hesitate to visit and to taste ( offered in the local restaurants as well )

Jean-Baptiste Sénat


In the village  of Trausse - 100m

" 1996, Jean-Baptiste and Charlotte Sénat settled on the foothills of the Montagne Noire in the Aude, Trausse-Minervois. Freshly arrived from Paris, where they left everything, they want to get closer to nature and a terroir, the Minervois!


Therefore, it is natural that they decide to leave the cooperative towards which the old grape harvests of the domain and to work properly, in the respect of this soil which adopted them!"



Féline-Minervois - 4,5km

"One of the 5 most environmentally friendly wineries in the world"


Château Maris covers 45 hectares of land, divided into a multitude of plots on the hillside above La Livinière. It received Ecocert certification in 2002, then Biodyvin in 2004 and Demeter in 2008.

de Fauzan


Cesseras - 17km

Domain near Minerve. The grandfather of Jean-Philippe Bourrel, interested in the brown trout of the Cesse, buys it in 1956 and attaches to this bright and mineral soil. His father, double active, continued the plantations of noble grape varieties and left him in 2002 the property.


In turn, Jean-Philippe crushes, renovates, builds a winery and restructures a vineyard that now covers 60 ha. In 2016, he plants the highest Syrah of the appellation, at 400 m altitude. In organic conversion.

Luc Lapeyre


In the village  of Trausse - 100m

"Ancestors winegrowers, great-grandfather cooper, grandfather broker, they approached wine from every angle!

The entire production is worked in bilological culture, no weedkiller, no treatment.


Sitting against the Montagne Noire, the vines rest on an amphitheater facing the Mediterranean "

Borie de Maurel

borie de maurel.jpg

Féline Minervois - 4.5km 

1989 Michel Escande drops his other passion, sailing, to return home. And he borrows for 5 hectares of vineyards, a cellar and a house superb but "tired"; by the way, he decides to take care of the family vineyards. 

With the tenacity of the sailor and the faith of the peasant, Michel will learn his homeland, listen to him, until he finds that he has a real treasure. What his cuvées, starting with Sylla praised by the international press, will not be long in showing, from the early 90s. Until nicknamed, in the world of wine, "the wizard of Felines "

Hegarty Chamans


Trausse - 1km


"Chamans is a Parker and Robinson-rated family-owned vineyard that sits in the south facing foothills of the Black Mountain in the Minervois region of the Languedoc.

Isolated from other vineyards, we can pursue our own non-interventionist farming philosophy, based on organic and biodynamic principles. Demeter and EcoCert certified (since 2010)."

Sainte Eulalie


Village La Livinière -  8 km

"We hold 3 main principles: respect of Nature, respect of the Human being and an economically viable production that we can leave to our children.

As well, we have also decided to lay stress on quality rather than quantity, and all our production is more highly valued in AOC (controlled origin appellation) Minervois and Minervois La Livinière.

For the quality of our welcome, we have got the label: QUALITE HERAULT and QUALITE SUD DE FRANCE: you can trust us!"

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