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Hike: Alaric Mountain

We present here a superb mountain hike: Climbing the Montagne d'Alaric located 20 km south of Villa Des Rosiers in Trausse ...

The mountain of Alaric is a massif located in the Aude not far from Carcassonne, with a low altitude but offering a magnificent view of the Black Mountain and the Pyrenees.

Constituting the northern foothills of the Corbières massif, the mountain of Alaric establishes a climatic border between the Mediterranean climate on the Narbonne side and the more oceanic climate on the Toulouse side. It is very often here that 'we'll come looking for the sun when it leaves the Pyrenees.

The Roc gris is also called ROC DE ROLAND. Legend has it that to escape his enemies, Roland made his horse jump from the top of this rocky outcrop to the Montagne Noire located on the other side of the Aude valley.

We climb up the Signal d'Alaric ridge, from where we discover a magnificent panorama of the eastern Pyrenees range. On the way back, we take a pretty little frequented path through the vegetation.

Elevation gain: 650 m

Distance: 10km

Maximum altitude: 600 m

Culling at 600m at Signal d'Alaric, the altitude is certainly modest, but the panorama is no less grandiose over a large part of the route".

Our experience: It's a real mountain hike, good shoes are preferable, choose a day that's not too hot or leave early. Also prefer a beautiful sunny day, the panoramas and the permanent 360° views are grandiose. We continued the day in Ribaute (rest / refreshment at the river) and ended with a nice little restaurant in Lagrasse (most beautiful village in France). A wonderful day of vacation.

Thanks to the "Rando Marche" site for all the practical information. You will find on this link all the details of this superb hike

To prepare for this hike, we also found this video on the net with superb panoramas filmed at the top of this mountain

Alain and Muriel accompanied by Dorine :-)

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